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Brian Maser and the Maser Condo Sales Team have over 20 years of innovative real estate solutions for sellers of condos and townhomes on the Westside. We represent an array of sellers and have experience in all aspects of selling residential real estate. We take pride in our mutual success which is due to a focused, streamlined approach for each client that chooses to work with us.

We have spent many years creating a dynamic team and process flow to analyze the needs of each client. We are experts at valuing condos and townhomes and understand how to properly manage and close deals. This is why our clients have a high rate of success in achieving their goals.

Now that you’re interested in selling a townhouse or condo, you’ll find that this process varies and can seem intimidating. However, with the right help, this process can go smoothly and stress-free. People are constantly searching for properties for sale in Los Angeles and at Maser Condo Sales, we can help you connect with the right buyer for your property.

Differences in Selling a Condo or Townhouse

Just because selling a condo or townhouse is different from selling a single family home doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more difficult. In fact, the same perks that first drew you to the property probably appeal to potential buyers as well. Depending on your location and other factors, your property may be less likely to sit on the market than a single family home, and hiring the best Santa Monica realtor may even help to expedite the process.

When you’re figuring out how to sell a condo, one of the most important things to remember is that you’re not just selling the home, you’re selling potential buyers on the entire development. Therefore, you should make sure that you include a description of the amenities available with your homeowners association dues in the property listing.

The Selling Process:

  • Property Walkthrough
  • Review Goals/Needs & Educate You On The Prospective Market
  • Provide Valuable Feedback To Help Add Value To Your Property
  • Walk You Through The Marketing Process
  • Educate You On The Entire Selling Process

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Selling a Condo Tips

While the real estate market is based on a number of factors and there is no sure-fire selling method, the following tips should help move the process along:

  • Declutter and stage your condo
  • Make any necessary improvements
  • Accentuate the best features
  • Disclose any problems

Make sure that you review the HOA rules so you’ll be able to answer any questions that arise from your real estate agent or potential buyers. If possible, it is also advantageous to avoid listing your condo for sale until spring, which is the time when residential properties usually sell the most quickly.

If you are interested in selling or want to know value, then just call or email us to set up a walkthrough of your property.  We will come prepared with a lot of data because we feel it is important for you to be fully informed of everything going on around you.  We will walk your property; sit down and review your goals and needs; educate you on the market that matches your property; provide valuable feedback on things we would suggest you do to help add value (like prep-for-sale renovations, painting, staging, clean up, etc.); we will walk you through our mass marketing process; and most importantly, listen and answer any questions you have to feel confident you are in the right hands.   Within twenty-four hours, we will get back to you with our opinion of value and provide you with what we would recommend doing based your feedback. We will tell you the truth, even if our opinion comes to the conclusion that selling is not the best move for you.

The Maser Condo Sales Team’s diverse real estate team include sales agents, transaction coordinators, property branding and graphic designers, high-end photographers, mortgage brokers, finance experts all the way through to construction/renovation experts. We all collaborate to create the “Maser Condo Sales Team.”  By developing this superior group of experts, we have fostered a synergistic environment to create innovative solutions and best practices. Led by Brian Maser, each team member is designated to a specific region, property type and management role.

“We recognize that every situation, property, location or goal is not the same.”

We will provide you with the proper, unbiased information and feedback so you can make the best decision for you and your family. We are here to listen to your goals and needs and help advise you on the best call to action to assure your success; even if that means doing nothing at all. If the constructive outcome is determined that selling or buying is the best action, then we will design the proper sales process for you and make it happen.

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