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How To Find Your Property Lines?

Posted by laseo on May 22, 2019

Where Can I Find My Property Lines?

Property lines, also referred to as boundary lines, are the defined points where one person’s land ends and the neighboring lands begin. You can find your property lines through various resources: on your property deed, on the survey you received when you bought your home, or by using the mapping tools at the county assessor’s office.

How to Find Property Lines:

Look at your deed. The deed contains an account of your property’s measurements and boundaries written out. To ensure the measured lines match the deed, measure from the landmarks in the deed’s description to the property lines. Mark each corner with a stake and record the measurements from each stake to the next all the way around your property. Physically measuring the boundaries yourself makes it easy to visually determine where the property lines are and avoid intruding on your neighbor’s land and privacy. This allows you to accurately determine where to legally place desired items, such as a fence or vegetation.

You can also visit the county recorder or assessor’s office in order to pinpoint your property lines. At arrival, ask what maps are available for public viewing that include your neighborhood and street. If any maps portray clear dimensions of your property lines, request it from the assessor and use the map as a reference when measuring the perimeter of your property’s boundary lines. Luckily, some assessors have mapping tools available online for the majority of the real estate in the area. These maps are also helpful in determining where nearby landmarks are located in relation to your home. One more alternative step to determining the location of your property lines is to look at your property survey. This document should have been given to you when you bought your home. The survey consists of an overview of the property lines and their measurements as well as the distance from your house to the property line and the street. Use the measurements and details provided to visually determine the property lines, ruling out any potential land disputes with neighbors.

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