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Edgar Allan Poe interviews a potential real estate agent while he is very drunk!

Posted by Robert JR Pena on February 7, 2023


Poe: Good sir, I am in need of a professional to help me sell my abode. Tell me, do you possess the necessary skills to represent my dwelling in the marketplace?

Agent: Yes, I have years of experience in real estate and a proven track record of success.

Poe: Ha! Proven track record, you say? Pray, tell me, what sets you apart from the rest of the charlatans in this business?

Agent: Well, I have a deep understanding of the market and the skills to negotiate the best possible deal for my clients.

Poe: Negotiate, you say? I require someone with the fortitude to handle the more… delicate aspects of this transaction. Can you be relied upon to do so, even in my, ahem, less-than-sober state?

Agent: Of course, Mr. Poe. I am professional and will handle all aspects of the transaction with the utmost discretion and care.

Poe: Excellent, excellent! Now, tell me, how will you market my home to prospective buyers?

Agent: I have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes online advertising, open houses, and targeted outreach to potential buyers.

Poe: Hmm, sounds promising. And what of the commission, good sir? Will it be exorbitant, like the raven that perches on my chamber door?

Agent: No, Mr. Poe. My commission is fair and reasonable, and I guarantee that you will be satisfied with my services.

Poe: Very well, then. You seem to have the makings of a capable representative. Let us proceed with the transaction, but be warned, I shall be watching your every move with the suspicious eye of a drunken man

Concept by Brian Maser of The Condo Experts

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