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Introducing The Condo Experts

Posted by Robert JR Pena on January 28, 2023

Brian Maser had been an agent in the LA-area condo market for 25 years, and he’d seen it all. He knew what kind of deals made clients happy, and he also knew when a deal was just too good to be true.

One thing that Brian noticed over the years was how difficult it could sometimes be to find the right real estate partner who had local expertise and knowledge about complex condo sales processes. He wanted to create something that would help people more easily access these kinds of resources so they could get the best possible deals on their condos.

And with that, The Condo Experts was born. It started as a small network of seasoned agents focused solely on condo sales in particular areas, providing hyper-local knowledge, targeted data, and deep expertise around each process involved in purchasing or selling a condominium unit. As time went by and more agents joined The Condo Experts team, their collective experience grew even further – to decades combined! Plus they had access to powerful marketing platforms like never before which helped them make even better deals for their clients than ever before.

Today The Condo Experts are not just your average real estate agents; rather they are considered long-term partners for anyone looking into buying or selling condos—whether you need help leasing one out or renovating it after purchase—they have you covered! Start your journey today by visiting

Why The Condo Experts?

Each Expert is focused on one neighborhood, to bring you hyper-local knowledge, targeted data, and a deep expertise around the complexities of the condo sales process. Backed by a team with decades of combined real estate experience, and the powerful Condo Experts marketing platform, they’re set up to make the best possible deals for their clients. 


More than just agents, they’re here to be your long-term real estate partners, whether you’re selling, buying, leasing or renovating. Visit to get started. 


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