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This is where we engage serious buyers to begin reviewing offer details.

During this process, we are looking to see how serious these buyers are in your property and in their buying process.

We want to explore their excitement level, their concerns, understand their financial situation, address all their questions, make sure they know all the factors that makes your property a great fit and solid value.

We are looking at body language, trying to access if they will be challenging or easy. We want to see if their agent is experienced or not.   All these details help us guide you on how to make a smart decision of who to sell to.

Click the MASERPLAN™ icons for detailed info about each step from Start to Sold.

$500M+ SOLD

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Brian Maser pioneered the town and condo focused agency while mentoring his coveted agents into lifelong real estate advisors for their clients.


Transforming a normally chaotic and emotional process into a step by step custom plan that maps out every detail from start to sold. Our MASERPLAN™ removes the triggers that make selling or buying a home frustrating and frankly maddening at times. All decisions are made in your best interest and we leave no stone unturned. We do the work to put your needs first and get you the optimal return faster than average. It works every time, because we have a plan.


I had a great experience working with Mike. He helped me sell a 2-bedroom condo and as a first-time seller I had lots of questions. He guided me through the whole process really smoothly and with a great attitude, including coordinating some pre-sale renovations. Highly recommended!

David Birdsell

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