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First, let’s say hello. 


During a quick and friendly intro, we’ll get a sense of the property you’re considering selling, and your needs, so we can provide you with an accurate value of your home. Online or in person, our agent will take a look around at the property details, including unit and building condition, upgrades and style, views, location, natural light, and more. 


At the same time, we’ll familiarize you with how we work. There is no pressure to partner with us and no commitment required at this time. The idea is to make sure you have all the information you need to make a smart decision about your sale, and your broker. 


IN PERSON: If you would like an in-person walkthrough, we will arrive Covid safe, in line with your level of comfort. Masks are always worn, booties and gloves are available if you prefer. Some sellers simply ask us to walk the property while they wait outside. Then, we can have a socially-distanced chat outside, or talk later, over the phone.


ONLINE: If you want to do an online listing appointment and virtual walk through, this can be easily arranged as well. Just Zoom or FaceTime us from your phone, and show us around starting from your front door. We’ll guide you through the process, pointing out everything we need to see, and we can chat about your sale as we go. 

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