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We’ll get all the paperwork done in advance, so there are no surprises for the buyer to react to. 

Working with our trusted escrow officers and transaction coordinator, we’ll gather all the necessary documents—from the needed HOA documents (meeting minutes, financials, insurance, assessments, legal issues, rental restrictions), seller disclosures (what you disclose to buyer in writing to protect your liability), order title, city reports, and more—so we can close the sale quickly once escrow is open. 



The Buyer Package gives buyers a chance to review all the necessary paperwork before you open escrow, allowing both parties to ask questions and air concerns before committing to one another. Fewer surprises means fewer issues that can arise during your sale. This info will be provided on our website for buyers to review on your property page.


See the Buyer Deal Package page for an example.

Click the MASERPLAN™ icons for detailed info about each step from Start to Sold.

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